Product launch – Salming Greyhound road running shoe.

Ever since its introduction in 2019 Salming Greyhound are one of the most popular shoes by the up-and-coming Swedish running and indoor sports brand.

4Future joined their ship in September of 2019 with a vision of helping Salming to become a competitor in the running and indoor sports sector. This was our first big product launch with them and we were assigned an important task of making sure the new Greyhound’s colorway gets the launch it deserves. Our job was taking care of all the graphics, setting the launch timeline, creating a brand new landing page, and preparing the awareness ads for the launch.

One of the more important tasks was preparing the graphic for their distributers. We had to make sure they get the best material to promote the new shoes as best as possible on their social networks.

After weeks of hard work, we had everything we needed for the shoe to see the light of day.

The launch solidified our position within the brand and opened the door for a closer cooperation in product introduction for Salming.