Lead generation – TRONpos

Comtron d.o.o. is a Slovenian company that operates in the field of system integrations and business software. In 1989, they began a successful business path in the fields of computer science and ICT.

Booking tables, meeting customer needs, assigning tasks to server staff and managing coupons. All these tasks can be easily accomplished with the help of this top-notch cashier program. In 2019 they contacted us with a desire for increased demand.

After the first month of testing with different ads, we were able to accurately find the target audience with the most potential. After identifying the target audience, we started with more extensive advertising. We’ve optimized our Google Ads campaigns and created a landing page for their most popular product.

After weeks of hard work, we had everything we needed for the shoe to see the light of day.

The results were immediate. In the second month of cooperation, the number of leads increased by more than 800%. Because of our success in 2019, we continue to work with Comtron in 2020, setting our goals and aspirations even higher.